Gift idea

Anchor Hanks make a great gift idea for many occasions.   Looking for a unique gift for groomsmen?  There's a multitude of Anchor Hanks to choose from, and of course we will do special orders for more than five handkerchiefs.

It's not just the groomsmen in the wedding party that handkerchiefs would be perfect for; I received an order for a dozen Anchor Hanks for the bridesmaids recently.  I suggested the giver select the fabric she like and our team went to work for her.

Father's Day gifts are tough.  Dad has everything and a new tie just won't cut it.  He would absolutely LOVE a vintage pattern Anchor Hank. Birthdays and graduations are also the perfect occasion to give a stylish handkerchief.

Don't forget retirement and Christmas! Even Easter and Halloween!  

And the best gift is the one you give yourself, to celebrate a victory, small or large.

Feel free to reach out to us at the link on the page and we'll gladly answer your question about our handkerchiefs (or works of art, as I think of them) and discuss any special gift orders.