Courageous Turtles for Orphans

Anchor Hanks is proudly partnering with Andy and Susan at No Longer Orphans.  We are going to take $15 donations through the month of August and provide each orphan at the Shiloh Children's Home in India a Glow-in-the-Dark Courageous Turtle and a specially made Anchor Hank.  

About No Longer Orphans:

  No Longer Orphans is the sole supporter of the Shiloh Children's Home. Shiloh Children’s home is in North India and houses over 40 orphans, all boys, ages 4-18. There is a great amount of potential for growth. The name Shiloh, is a Hebrew word meaning “a place of rest for weary travelers.” There are currently 4 guest rooms that can accommodate weary travelers as they serve the orphans 



Before No Longer Orphans inherited the orphanage, the monthly food budget was less than $175. This allowed the kids to have rice every day, but little to no meat or vegetables. No Longer Orphans has improved and will continue to improve the current state of the orphanage.

Our city has the highest recorded temperature in India at 123 degrees. We are currently growing mustard on the land but hope to add a wide variety of fresh vegetables to add to the children’s diet and to sell in the local market. 

There are some bright sides to the orphanage. Andy and Susan currently oversee the orphanage. They loves the boys wholeheartedly and do an amazing job of teaching them and holding them accountable. The boys love school and sports. They are vibrant and sing at the top of their lungs. No Longer Orphans is excited beyond words at the chance to serve the Shiloh Childrens Home.